torsdag 28 mars 2019


The last few days the Swiss journalist Aline Wanner who works for the monthly magazine NZZ Folio visited Sweden to write about Flight Free 2020. She has interviewed us behind the campaign, people who has signed up, and also followed us while we were campaigning in the street. Aline says that the flying debate in Switzerland is nearly non-existent, but that climate change has been discussed more lately because of Greta Thunberg. Her going by train when she visited Switzerland caused some discussion but was described in the media as radical.

Aline said that she had heard that flying is bad for the climate, but she did not know how bad. She believes that most Swiss people, including herself, has not considered to refrain from flying. She decided to find out more and found We Stay On The Ground and Flight Free 2020 and asked if she could visit us. We said yes, of course, under the condition that she took the train. The trip here took 26 hours, and due to some technical problems she had to change trains five times. Despite that Aline said she had a nice trip. Hopefully her article will inspire more Swiss people to stay on the ground and hoefully also inspire someone to start the campaign Flight Free 2020 in Switzerland.

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