We need to talk about aviation!

During the past year I’ve been working full-time trying to convince people to take a flight-free year. My work with the campaign Flight Free 2020 has taught me several important things. I’ve realised that most people haven’t realised how urgent the climate crisis is, or how much flying affects the climate. But the most important thing I’ve learned is that you can affect people, and that a lot of people are prepared to change their lifestyle and be active in the climate struggle once they realise how serious the climate crisis is and how important their actions are. This means there are billions of potential climate heroes out there just waiting to get started. But it’s urgent! We don’t have time to wait for people to realise these things in their own time. That’s why I’ve written a guide in which I’ve gathered my best strategies and arguments for conversations about aviation and the climate. I hope this guide will inspire more people to find the courage to talk about the climate crisis.

You can read the guide here: weneedtotalkaboutaviation.org

Maja Rosén