Why flight free?
The climate crisis is acute – to limit global warming at a manageable level the emissions need to decrease now. Many people are worried about the climate but feel powerless to do anything. But everyone can make a difference by changing their own lifestyle. Refraining from flying is one of the most impactful things you can do as an individual for the climate – and if many of us do it together we can make a huge reduction in our emissions.

Why 100 000?
We humans tend to act like those around us. For example, research shows that the most crucial factor in people recycling is if they believe that their neighbours also do it. People are likely to feel that it does not matter if they refrain from flying when everyone else flies more than ever. But if you know that 100 000 people are doing the same thing, it increases motivation to take part, and it is also a way to motivate those who have signed up to recruit more people to the campaign. 

Why one year?
To promise to give up flying forever is a too big step for most people. A flight free year is a way to break a habit and to find alternative options. To make a short term commitment increases the chances of making a long term behavioral change.