We Stay on the Ground (Vi håller oss på jorden) is a Swedish organisation that aims to spread awareness about the climate impact from flying and work for reduced air travel. We started the campaign Flight Free 2020 which is now run in many countries all over the world.

Please contact Maja Rosén for further information: maja.rosen@westayontheground.org +46707186858.

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We need to halve global emissions in the coming decade. If we are to succeed in carrying out the immediate and fundamental change required, we must all contribute. Our starting point is that people care and that most people would be prepared to fight for the climate if they realised the severity of the situation and the importance of their own actions. Refraining from flying is one of the most important things we as individuals can do for the climate. It is a very effective way to quickly reduce our emissions, and an even bigger effect lies in how this decision impacts those around us. We humans are strongly influenced by each other's behavior. The more we become who show that we are prepared to do what it takes to solve the climate crisis, the more will follow. Together, we can change the norm and lay the foundation for a powerful climate policy.