We Stay on the Ground (Vi håller oss på jorden) is a Swedish organisation that aims to spread awareness about the climate impact from flying and work for reduced air travel. We started the campaign Flight Free 2020 which is now run in many countries all over the world.

Please contact Maja Rosén for further information: maja.rosen@westayontheground.org +46707186858.

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People care
Why do people keep flying on vacation despite the fact that we are in the middle of an acute climate crisis? It is not because they don’t care, but because we humans tend to act the same as those around us. However, most people would be prepared to fight to save the climate if they realised the seriousness of the situation and the importance of their own actions. This is where the human tendency to act like those around us becomes a great advantage. If enough people start to act, change can happen fast.

More people need to become aware of the severity of the climate crisis
It is up to those of us who have realised how serious the situation is to show with our actions what is required, and be bold enough to talk about it with others. It is in everyone's best interests to solve the climate crisis. If we do not act, people in the future will wonder why those who knew about it did not do something.

We are in an acute emergency

We are in the biggest emergency of humanity and must act accordingly. If a third world war had broken out, nobody would worry about what to do during their vacation. Every effort would be focussed on regaining peace. If we are to succeed in avoiding climate collapse, immediate and radical action is required. Our Governments need to put in place a climate policy that is based on what the climate can handle, not on what we want it to handle.