Although we are in the middle of an acute climate crisis, most of us continue to live our lives as usual. It’s not because we do not care, but because we humans tend to act like everyone else. The advantage of that is that if enough people take action, a change can happen fast.

How would you react if everyone around you told you that they had decided to never fly again? That from then on they would do everything in their power to save the climate?

The campaign Flight Free 2020 is a way in which we can together take responsibility to reduce aviation. When you sign up for the campaign you pledge to stay on the ground next year – provided that 100, 000 of your fellow countrymen promise to do the same thing.

To refrain from flying is one of the most powerful ways we as individuals can reduce our carbon footprint. If many of us do it together it will make a huge impact and we will also send a clear signal to our politicians – and also each other – that we are many who are willing to change our lifestyles in order to save the climate.

So far Flight Free 2020 is actively run in Sweden, The United Kingdom and Denmark, but everyone can sign up (see below). You only promise to take a flight-free year if the target of 100,000 is reached in your country. 
If you are interested in starting the campaign in your country, please contact maja@westayontheground.org

Which country will be the first to reach 100, 000 signatures?

If you live in Sweden, Denmark or the UK, sign up through their websites:

The United Kingdom: https://www.flightfree.co.uk/

If your country is not listed above you can sign up by sending an email with your full name and address to flightfree2020@gmail.com. Please write which country you are from in the subject line.

We are of course hoping that everyone will choose to refrain from flying regardless if the goal of 100,000 in each country is reached, but you by signing up for Flight Free 2020 you only commit to do it if the goal is reached before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

You can unsubscribe at any time before 2020 begins by sending an email to maja@westayontheground.org