Although we are in the middle of an acute climate crisis, most of us continue to live our lives as usual. It’s not because we do not care, but because we humans tend to act like everyone else. The advantage of that is that if enough people take action, a change can happen fast.

To refrain from flying is one of the most powerful ways we as individuals can reduce our carbon footprint. If many of us together take a Flight Free 2020 it will make a huge impact and we will also send a clear signal to our politicians – and also each other – that we are many who are willing to change our lifestyles in order to save the climate. 

So far Flight Free 2020 is run in Sweden, the United KingdomFrance, GermanyCanada, USAPeruAustraliaSlovenia, the Netherlands and Belgium If you live in any of these countries, please sign up through their websites.

If you live elsewhere please make the pledge in the counter on this page.